Rensselaer Schools

ARCH School of Architecture
ENG School of Engineering
HASS School of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences
MGMT Lally School of Management and Technology
RPI Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
SCI School of Science

Academic Departments/Programs

AERO S Aerospace Studies – ROTC
ARCH Architecture
ARTS Arts Department
ASTR Astronomy
BCBP Biochemistry & Biophysics
BIOL Biology
BMED Biomedical Engineering
CHEM Chemistry
CHME Chemical Engineering
CIVL Civil Engineering
COMM Communication
COOP Cooperative Education
CORE Core Engineering
CSCI Computer Science
DSES Decision Sciences & Engineering Systems
EART Electronic Arts
ECON Economics
ECSE Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering
EMAC Electronic Media, Arts, and Communication
ENGR General Engineering
ENVE Environmental & Energy Engineering
ERTH Earth & Environmental Science
ESCI Engineering Science
iEAR Integrated Electronic Arts at Rensselaer
IT Information Technology
ITEC Information Technology
LANG Foreign Language & Literature
LGHT Lighting
LITR Literature
LL&C Language, Literature & Communication
MANE Mechanical, Aerospace & Nuclear Engineering
MATH Mathematics
MATP Math Programming Probability & Math Statistics
MGMT Management
MIL S Military Science – ROTC
MS&E Materials Science and Engineering
MTLE Materials Science and Engineering
NEEP Nuclear Engineering & Engineering Physics
NROTC Naval Science – ROTC
PHIL Cognitive Science: Philosophy
PHYS Physics
Physics Physics, Applied Physics & Astronomy
PP&CS Philosophy, Psychology and Cognitive Science
PSYC Cognitive Science: Psychology
STS Science & Technology Studies
STSH Science & Technology Studies, Humanities
STSS Science & Technology Studies, Social Science
USAF Aerospace Studies – ROTC
USAR Military Science – ROTC
USNA Naval Science – ROTC
WRIT Writing


87GYM 87 Gymnasium
ACADMY Academy Hall (Old School 14)
AE Amos Eaton Hall
ARMORY Alumni Sports & Recreation Center
AS&RC Alumni Sports & Recreation Center
BARH Burdett Avenue Residence Hall
BCC Black Cultural Center
C+CC Chapel and Cultural Center
Ca Carnegie Building
CARNEG Carnegie Building
CII George M. Low Center for Industrial Innovation
Cogs Cogswell Laboratory
COGSWL Cogswell Laboratory
DARRIN Darrin Communications Center (DCC)
DCC Darrin Communications Center
EATON Amos Eaton Hall
ECAV East Campus Athletic Village
EMPAC Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center
Gr Greene Building
GREENE Greene Building
Gurley Gurley Building, Downtown Troy
HAH Heffner Alumni House
Hedley Hedley Building, Downtown Troy
JEC J. Eric Jonsson Engineering Center
JONSSN J. Eric Jonnson Engineering Center
J-ROWL Jonsson Rowland Science Center
Lally Lally Hall
Libr Folsom Library
LOW George M. Low Center for Industrial Innovation
LRC Lighting Research Center
MATLS Materials Research Center (MRC)
MRC Materials Research Center
NES Nuclear Engineering & Science Building
Pitts Pittsburgh Building
QUAD Quadrangle Dormitories
RAHP Rensselaer Apartment Housing Project
RCKTTS Ricketts Building
Ri Ricketts Building
Rice Rice Building, Downtown Troy
RSDH Russell Sage Dining Hall
RTP Rensselaer Technology Park
RU Rensselaer Union
RUO Rensselaer Union
SA Russell Sage Laboratory
SAGE Russell Sage Laboratory
SC Johnson Rowland Science Center
SV Service Building
Tr Troy Building
TROY Troy Building
UNION Rensselaer Union
VCC Voorhees Computing Center
VIC Visitors Information Center
VORHES Voorhees Computing Center
Wa Walker Laboratory
WALKER Walker Laboratory
WEST West Hall
WH West Hall

Professional Societies

AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science
ACS American Chemical Society
AIA American Institute of Architects
AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIAS American Institute of Architecture Students
AIChE American Institute of Chemical Engineers
AIGA American Institute of Graphic Arts
ANS American Nuclear Society
ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers
ASM American Society for Metals International
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
NACME National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering
NSBE National Society of Black Engineers
SHPE Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
SWE Society of Women Engineers

Non-Academic Departments

ACSL Archer Center for Student Leadership
ARC Academic Research Computing
AS&MS Academic Support & Media Services
C&CT Communication & Collaboration Technology
CCPD Center for Career & Professional Development
CIS Computing & Information Services
CP&FD Campus Planning & Facilities Design
DOSO Dean of Students Office
DPS Department of Public Safety
DotCIO Division of the Chief Information Officer
E&SS Environmental & Site Services
FYE Office of the First-Year Experience
SE Student Experience
HEOP Higher Education Opportunity Program
HR Human Resources
IACS Integrated Administrative Computing Solutions
IPAC Information & Personal Assistance Center
OCS Office of Conference Services
OMSA Office of Minority Student Affairs
P&DE Professional & Distance Education
PLP Professional Leadership Program
RCR Rensselaer Computer Repair
RL Residence Life
RSVP Rensselaer Satellite Video Program
SR&FS Student Records and Financial Services
URP Undergraduate Research Program

Student Life

ACM Association for Computing Machinery
ACSA African & Caribbean Students Association
BASIC Brothers and Sisters in Christ
E-Board Executive Board
GM Grand Marshal
GZ Ground Zero (theme housing)
IC Independent Council
IFC Interfraternity Council
IRANSA Iranian Students Association
JSA Japanese Students Association
JSO January Student Orientation
LA Learning Assistant
MSA Muslim Students Association
MUG Mac User Group
NRB Navigating Rensselaer & Beyond
PAKSA Pakistan Students Association
Panhel Panhellenic Association
PU President of the Union
RA Residence Assistant
RAA Rensselaer Alumni Association
RAF Rensselaer Aeronautical Foundation
RCA Rensselaer Christian Association
RD Resident Director
RHA Residence Hall Association
RPA Rensselaer Pride Alliance
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
SO Student Orientation
SOLID Student Organized Leaders of Innovative Design
TURKSA Turkish Students Association
UPAC Union Programs & Activities Committee

Research Centers

CAIST Center for Advanced Interconnect Systems Technologies
CAT NYS Center for Automation Technology
CCMS Center for Composite Materials & Structures
CenSSIS NSF Center for Sub-surface Sensing & Imaging
CIE Center for Integrated Electronics
CIPCE Center for Initiatives in Pre-College Education
CIPR Center for Image Processing Research
CITS Center for Infrastructure & Transportation Studies
CIUE Center for Innovation in Undergrad Education
CMR Center for Multiphase Research
CNGV NSF Industry/University Co-Operative Research Center for Next Generation Video
CPES Center for Power Electronics Systems
CTE Center for Technological Entrepreneurship
DFWI Darrin Fresh Water Institute
LRC Lighting Research Center
RNC Rensselaer Nanotechnology Center
SCOREC Scientific Computation Research Center
SCTE Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship