Archer Center announces the Student Leadership Conference Scholarship Award


Deadline: February 3rd, 2017 - Submit application to the Archer Center, Academy Hall, Suite 2232

In honor of Linda Teitelman-McCloskey, the Founding Director of the Archer Center for Student Leadership Development, the Archer Center announces the Student Leadership Conference Scholarship Award. The Archer Center will fund two Rensselaer students for attending a leadership and/or professional development conference of their choosing and with approval from the department.

The Archer Center for Student Leadership Development team, guided by Linda McCloskey since 1989, provides skill-based, interactive leadership development for Rensselaer students which complement the Institute’s educational mission. Through the lens of CLASS and the New Polytechnic, students are encouraged to sharpen their intellectual agility, broaden their global view and increase their multicultural sophistication. This scholarship award allows an additional opportunity for students to expand their leadership education beyond the Rensselaer community.

Interested students must:

·Be a full-time, undergraduate Rensselaer student in good academic standing

·Submit a resume and a cover letter which includes:

o   Name of leadership conference

o   Date and location of conference

o   Cost breakdown for attendance (travel, accommodations, registration, & food)

o   Explanation of how attendance at the conference will advance the student’s leadership skill development and future plans

·Participate in an interview with the Archer Center selection team (upon submitting resume and cover letter)

·Demonstrate the core qualities of a transformational leader

For those who are selected:

·Scholarship award will include funding for travel, accommodations, conference registration and meals up to $3000 per student

· Selected student will meet with a member of the Archer Center selection team after conference attendance to discuss conference impact and plans for future skill development

· After conference attendance, each student will be asked to write a short letter to Linda McCloskey, outlining what they learned at the conference and how the content will be applies to their Rensselaer experiences and their future

· Selected students will deliver a brief presentation describing their experiences at the conference and how they plan to apply what they’ve learned.

· Selected students will assist Archer Center in marketing the Scholarship Award to future applicants

For more information and questions, please contact Karyn Dyer at