Junior Class Dean

Jade Felder, @classdean19

Phone: (518) 276-8022
Fax: (518) 276-2112
On campus: 4600 Academy Hall
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"I charge the class of 2019 to be “Resilient and Redefined”. Become the pioneers of your educational experience and seize every opportunity for growth, innovation, and autonomy. Welcome the challenges because they will arise. I charge you all to become positively influential and provide mentorship to those who come after you. Uplift yourselves and one another. I will be here for your support and your success."

About Dean Felder

Dean Felder is the undergraduate class dean for the Class of 2019, students beginning at Rensselaer in the fall of 2015. She received her Master of Science in Higher Education Administration with a concentration in Enrollment Management and a certificate in Student Life Development from the University of Miami. She also received the University of Miami Higher Education Administration award for outstanding intellectual contributions to Enrollment Management in theory and application. Dean Felder has professional experience working in the K-12 sector as well as higher education. In her higher education professional career she has worked in enrollment management, research, and student affairs. Some of her beloved sectors in higher education include leadership, student advocacy, and retention efforts.