Sophomore Class Dean

Phone: (518) 276-8022
Fax: (518) 276-2112
On campus: 4600 Academy Hall
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About the Deans

Undergraduate Class Deans are associated with each cohort of Rensselaer students and follow them from sophomore year to graduation. As part of CLASS, the Undergraduate Class Deans mentor each cohort by providing information and assistance specific to students’ needs at that particular time during their Rensselaer journey. Specific roles of the Dean's include:z

  • Academic and personal mentoring
  • Class-specific programming
  • Collaborations with departments and offices across campus
  • Administrative functions for their cohort including excused absences, withdrawal, leave of absence and readmission

The Deans assist students in crafting a holistic, personal experience spanning their tenure at Rensselaer. By creating connections between student aspirations and the wealth of available opportunities and services, the Deans foster full engagement with Rensselaer and beyond.  They intervene with students experiencing personal or academic difficulty through the Electronic Warning System (EWS) and provide intrusive academic and social intervention and support.