Undergraduate Probation Intervention Program [UPIP]

Students who are placed on Academic Probation in their sophomore, junior or senior year participate in the Undergraduate Probation Intervention Program.  Together, with their Class Deans, students develop personal and academic plans with dual goals: to take ownership of their academic performance and to achieve the necessary standard to be removed from probation.  There are myriad intervening factors which can contribute to academic difficulty. Students work to pinpoint those and develop strategies to mitigate them. 

What do I need to do now?

Students who are required to participate in the program will recieve an email with details.  If you think you would benefit from participating but are not on probation, please feel free to contact us.  The support provided in this program is available to all students.

This program is facilitated by the Class Deans in collaboration with the Counseling Center and the Advising and Learning Assistance Center.

Contact: Success@rpi.edu

Program Resources

FOCUS 2, brought to you by the CCPD, is very useful in helping you to confirm or choose an academic major.  You have the opportunity to research careers by name or by industry, and you can compare two occupations side by side.  You may also explore careers based on your academic major.

Personal Success Plan, was designed based on the results of hundreds of previous students.  Schedule an appointment with your undergraduate class dean to receive a copy of your success plan after completing the online tool.

Tutoring Services, offered through the Advising and Learning Assistance Center allow you to review class material with graduate and undergraduate tutors proficient in the course topics. We recommend incorporate these into your semester plan from first week and reduce in consultation with your dean.