Leadership Development

Rensselaer students develop a capacity for leadership and understand leadership as a life-long process of purposeful learning that focuses on facilitating collaborative and socially responsible change.

Below are some of the services, opportunities, events and interactions offered to help you achive the the goal of thinking of ourself as a leader, engaging with leadership experiences and applying those to make and manage change.

Archer Center for Student Leadership Development

The Archer Center for Student Leadership Development provides leadership education, both in and outside of the classroom, for the benefit of Rensselaer students, faculty, staff, administrators and local communities. The Center plays an important role in helping Rensselaer students make the critical transition from the classroom to the next phases of their lives. It enhances student key leadership skills through a variety of cutting-edge, interactive learning experiences and programs.

Sophomore Toast

The Sophomore Toast is designed to teach students the art of networking. The event is broken into two parts; the first hour, students from the Emerging Leaders program teach skills such as how to start and end a conversation, how to enter a room, and how to interact with an authority figure, or person from a different culture.
During the second half of the event, students will practice their newly acquired networking skills with representatives from across campus including Deans, department heads and faculty.

Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders is a series of meetings designed to facilitate leadership development in students. This program is facilitated by the Student Experience office and the Archer Center for Student Leadership Development to provide students with an opportunity to develop a foundation of leadership skills and knowledge.

In the first year students are invited to apply for Emerging Leaders I (EL I), offered annually during the spring semester.  This foundational program allows participants to explore their personal leadership styles in preparation for future leadership.

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