Personal Development

Rensselaer students transform through opportunities, self-reflective exploration and discussions nurturing an understanding of their self-motivations, learning styles, interpersonal relationships, problem solving approaches, and clarifying their personal goals.

Below is a list of services, opportunities, events and interactions intended to help you achieve the goal of developing a deep, anchored sense of self.

The Bridge Scholars Program

The Bridge Scholars Program allows enrolling students to participate in rigorous academic instruction in either calculus or physics and the development of skills necessary for academic and personal success at Rensselaer. The 6 week summer program is comprised of a two week residential program for participants to develop early academic and social success skills through academic mentoring, career development, access to academic support resources, and enrichment seminars that focus on excelling in the uniquely demanding Rensselaer environment.

Sophomore Toast

The Sophomore Toast is designed to teach students the art of networking. The event is broken into two parts; the first hour, students from the Emerging Leaders program teach skills such as how to start and end a conversation, how to enter a room, and how to interact with an authority figure, or person from a different culture.
During the second half of the event, students will practice their newly acquired networking skills with representatives from across campus including Deans, department heads and faculty.

Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders is a series of meetings designed to facilitate leadership development in students. This program is facilitated by the Student Experience office and the Archer Center for Student Leadership Development to provide students with an opportunity to develop a foundation of leadership skills and knowledge.

In the first year students are invited to apply for Emerging Leaders I (EL I), offered annually during the spring semester.  This foundational program allows participants to explore their personal leadership styles in preparation for future leadership.

Undergraduate Probation Intervention Program [UPIP]

Students who are placed on Academic Probation in their sophomore, junior, or senior year participate in the Undergraduate Probation Intervention Program.  Together, with their Class Deans, students develop personal and academic plans with dual goals: to take ownership of their academic performance and to achieve the necessary standard to be removed from probation.  There are myriad intervening factors which can contribute to academic difficulty. Students work to pinpoint those and develop strategies to mitigate them. 

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