Campus Resources

There are a lot of things on campus, and it is hard to keep track of all of them. Here are some links to help you find what you need.


Incoming Student Mail

Packages and mail are delivered to the Student Mail Center Monday through Friday. If you receive a package, you will be notified by e-mail with, “Your package has arrived” in the subject line of the e-mail. The package will be held in the Student Mail Center for pick up. Mail to the Colonie and RAHP Apartments is delivered by the Troy U.S. Postal Service.

For all residence halls:
Your Name
Name of Building & Room/Apt #
1999 Burdett Avenue
Troy, NY 12180-3599

For upperclass student mailing address information


2017 Vacation Shuttles

Students can only register for transportation at the 2144 Burdett Avenue Parking and Transportation office Monday thru Friday, 8a-4p or by calling 518-276-6616 during the same hours. Early registration is recommended as space is limited. The registration sheet is put out approximately 4 weeks in advance of each scheduled service at the Parking and Transportation office. Please see below for travel tips and the dates of service.

Departure times from RPI are every 2 hours from behind (east side) the Mueller Center off 15th Street. Shuttles will depart no later than 5 minutes after scheduled time. For example: time of 2p-6p means departure occurs at 2:05p, 4:05p, & 6:05p.

Departure times from travel gateways are every 2 hours. Shuttles stop first at the airport, bus, and then rail. Shuttles will depart no later than 5 minutes after scheduled time. For example return time of 4p-8p means departure occurs from airport at 4p, 6p, & 8p, then 4:25-40p, 625p-40p, and 825-40p, from bus/rail.

  • Arrival/Departure at the airport is the CDTA stop next to Southwest Air (not baggage claim).
  • Arrival/Departure at the Rensselaer Train Station is the East St bus shelter located outside the main terminal. Buses are not allowed to park next to entrance/exit to rail station.
  • Arrival/Departure at the Albany bus station on Hamilton St is outside the front doors.
  • Expect 60 minutes of travel time to/from destination as times are approximate depending on traffic, weather, etc.
  • Pack lightly – luggage must be able to fit on your lap while riding the shuttle.
Thanksgiving transportation
Departing campus: Tuesday, November 21, 10a, 12p, 2p
Departing campus: Wednesday, November 22, 10a, 12p, 2p
Returning to campus: Sunday, November 26, 4p, 6p, 8p

Winter Break transportation
Departing campus: Friday, December 22, 10a, 12p, 2p; Saturday, December 23, 8a, 10a, 12p
Returning to campus: Saturday, January 13, 6p, 8p; Sunday, January 14, 6p, 8p

Spring Break transportation
Departing campus: Friday, March 9, 12p, 2p; Saturday, March 10, 10a, 12p
Returning to campus: Sunday, March 18, 6p, 8p