Rensselaer Union Welcome Desk.

The IPAC desk is staffed all days the institute is open.

The Information and Personal Assistance Center (IPAC) is a resource to the campus community, providing directory and general information through e-mail, phone calls, texts, and walk-ins. IPAC is the place for any student, faculty or staff seeking information or referrals to other campus resources as well as general information. IPAC also offers several campus service programs each year designed to enhance the overall student experience at Rensselaer.

You can ask IPAC for…

  • CDTA information & schedules
  • On campus services phone numbers
  • Help desk hours
  • Supplemental instruction schedule
  • On campus events, special meeting and lecture schedules
  • Club and activities information
  • Local cultural activities, special events and sports activities
  • Trivia and other general information
  • Building hours

Have a question?

Office Hours: 8:30 AM to 12:00 AM
Office Location: Rensselaer Union

E-mail: askipac@gmail.com
Phone (Call): 518-276-IPAC
Phone (Text): 77-IPAC-TEXT (774-722-8398)
AIM: askipac
Twitter: @askIPAC
Facebook: Like us!