I-PERSIST Mentor Program


About the Program

The I-PERSIST [Integrative - Program for Education, Research, and Support Involving Science and Technology] Mentor program is an initiative of the School of Science and the Division of Student Life and is sponsored by a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.  CLICK HERE to read more about the grant and the mentor program. 

As part of the program, first-Year students in Calculus I, Chemistry I and Physics I are divided into small groups, which meet weekly with an undergraduate student mentor for informal sessions on solving problems and building time management and study skills necessary to succeed. Mentors have demonstrated mastery of academic content and special training to provide support in transition to academic life at Rensselaer. 

For more information, contact Assistant Dean, Leslie Mejia.


Become an I-Persist Mentor

The fall 2019 recruitment process is completed.  For more information about the program and how to apply to be a mentor 

Peer Mentor Responsibilities

Conduct 2 mentor sessions per week for the entire semester (approximately 8-10 students per session)
Attend one weekly supervisory meeting with subject faculty and Student Success
Hold 2 hours of “study hours” per week for extra help with students.
Any preparation work that must go in to session preparation.
On average – 10 hours of work total a week.


Good judicial and academic standing and strong academic performance in applicable subject matter.  Current undergraduate students who will be enrolled for Fall 2019.


Mentors are paid for the training days in August.  Mentors receive two 4000 level academic credits in the subject area for which they mentor. 

Application Process

1.  Applications are typically due in January 
2.  Subject specific quizzes
3.  In person interviews
Please hold the following dates on your calendar. These trainings are required of all mentors.
Spring Training Day: April  29
Fall Training Days (tentative): August 25-29 (move in on August 24).