Sophomore Career Fair Advice from the SHPE


A few things I've learned over the past two years is to definitely do your research on the companies that are coming. It's a really easy way to keep a conversation going by being able to have a discussion on current news about the facility. These extended conversations give the recruiter a chance to remember your name and really make your mark.

Another way to extend a discussion is to have questions about the company itself or the position you're applying for.


Make sure you're dressed appropriately, there is a dress code posted on the website and simple things like not having dress shoes will have you stopped at the door. Have multiple copies of your résumé , you really don't know how many you're going to give away (I encourage a lot because you should be talking to as many companies as possible!). You should also tailor objectives or clubs on your résumés for each of the companies that you're going to be visiting, this shows that you have a particular interest in them.


Marvin Rios

SHPE Rensselaer – President

B.S. Chemical Engineering