Student Success Labs

Become fearless, become stronger; become more!

This series of workshops prepares students to achieve their academic and personal goals. Students are encouraged to attend one or all of the sessions which have include presentations by Faculty, Deans, administrators and renowned experts.  



What did previous attendees like most about the series?

"The diversity of speakers and their engagement, and fresh tips and options for academics and life in general."

Complete the online workbook.  Once completed we will develop a personal success plan based on your responses and what we know from the hundreds of other students who have completed it.

Sessions are held every Tuesday in the Academy Hall Auditorium at 4 p.m.
Summer Session are held every Wednesday in DCC 337 at 1 p.m.


Personal Success Plan and Goal Setting


Time Management


Resilience I


Help-Seeking Behavior: What It Takes


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Academic Skills Development & Goal Check in


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Sleep Hygiene


Motivation I


Resilience II


Motivation II


Mindfulness I


Mindfulness II


Dr. Keith Anderson Resilence I, II  with Dr. Keith Anderson

Building resilience is a critical strategy in developing a self that is able to tolerate adversity and succeed in difficult situations. While many people can persist when things are easy or enjoyable, being resilient means having the ability to manage distress and to bounce back in difficult situations or environments. This important skill is not something you learn from a book, but from managing the experiences of life.

Part I Slides
Part II Slides

Tara Schuster Sleep Hygiene: What Is It & Why Is It Important?  with Tara Schuster

Habits that contribute to a good night’s sleep and allow for full daytime alertness are known as “sleep hygiene.”  These habits can range from daytime micro-naps, to avoiding caffeine and stimulants after a certain hour, to creating an optimal sleeping environment.

We’ll discuss the importance of sleep hygiene, detriments (physical, mental, academic and otherwise) that one may experience due to lack of quality sleep, and simple tips to improve your sleep.

We will end the session with a relaxation exercise. Please dress comfortably and bring a yoga mat or towel that you can lay on. 

Motivation and Change I, II   Alyce Newman, LMSW

Do you put things off until the last minute only to be disappointed by the outcome?  Learn how to develop and maintain motivation to achieve goals to make change in your life. Whether you want to spend more time on school work or learn to play the piano, making change requires a specific set of steps to ensure success.  You can achieve your goals, but you need the right equipment.  Join Lydia Rest, LCSW for this hands-on lecture.

Assessing Change Exercise, My Change Plan Exercise

Slides are available here.

Mindfulness with Sheryl Spencer Learn about the benefits particularly in assisting with stress, and overall cognition. Begin the practice and see if it affects your progress towards you goals. Come learn what all the buzz is about and why companies like Google, Twitter, PayPal, LinkedIn and many more in Silicon Valley are employing these techniques. In this session Sheryl Spencer, LCSW will introduce participants to mindfulness and meditation.
Lauren Arnoff

Wellness + Self-Care = Leaders of Tomorrow with Lauren Arnoff

Discover the benefits of how engaging in holistic activities daily can help you reach your academic and life goals.  This workshop will provide you the resources to be the best version of yourself by manifesting self-care behaviors that will help you reach your goals and thrive at RPI.  

Raquel Rodriguez-Asher

What it Takes

In this presentation, we’ll take a look at the barriers that students face when it comes to help-seeking. Whether it is academic, financial, or mental health-related, there is no shame in asking for support. Asking for help is a continuous action we take throughout our lifetimes – and fear of it limits our overall potential. Learn about skills that you can develop to bypass these barriers and get the assistance that you need. Students will learn how to identify what kind of help they need, and how to access it during their time at Rensselaer.  
Personal Success Plan with Louis Trzepacz During this session we will discuss developing a plan to achieve success for this semester.  Please fill out "Getting to Know You", our online tool 24 hours in advance of attending so we can have your personalized plan ready for the session.
Time Management with Louis Trzepacz

During this session you will learn how scarcity arrests the brain and how it sabotages you. You'll hear about how strange our decision making processes can be and how to avoid time traps. Finally, we will discuss strategies you can employ to practice being more productive and connecting productivity to your values and goals.

Slides are available here.  You can download and print the handout here.

Academic Prep for finals with David Milford The finish line is in sight learn how to finish strong through preparation and savvy techniques.